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UPDATE: 10-Year Anniversary - Full Version Is Now Free! Please pay using the buy full version link if you like it - but the full version will now download for everyone. Enjoy :)

Upgrade a regular Linksys router

into a fully automated FREE Wireless Internet Service finder.


You'll find two versions of bluebox here. You can click here for a overview of the highlights and features.

The following chart summarizes the differences in the versions:

Features Free
  Finds free wireless Internet and provides service to the ports on the rear of the unit YES YES  
  Fully automatic on power-up YES YES  
  Automatic re-scan on Internet service drop YES YES  
  Uses standard Ethernet port YES YES  
  Supplies Internet to all connected devices regardless of operating system or type of device(s) YES YES  
  NAT firewalling YES YES  
  Wiviz wireless network visualization YES YES By Nate True
  Kismet * YES * Drone requires user configuration to work in free version
  Hotspot, hotel and log-in compatible setting   YES  
  WEP key encryption setting   YES  
  Fixed SSID setting   YES  
  SSID blacklist   YES  
  Fixed MAC setting   YES  
  Signal strength meter   YES  
  On-screen monitoring & management interface to see exactly what bluebox is doing (platform independent support)    YES  
  Antenna tweaking settings, including increase tx power to 255mw   YES  


Free Version
The free version has basic functionality which will allow you to test-drive bluebox and see for yourself that it does indeed work very well.

When you use the free version, you'll quickly see that this alone is worth more than the subscription membership fee. When you add all the features of the full version, like ability to boost the transmit power, access hotspots & hotels, specify specific access points and encryption, as well as all the added monitoring ability, and all the other stuff, it's really a no-brainer that you should sign up!

For the person that is no stranger to the Linux shell, and either doesn't have twenty bucks to spare, or just would rather do it his own way, the free scripts may be all you need to start customizing bluebox to do what you like; how you like it. I have left all the sourcecode completely open. (Bluebox is composed primarily of uncompiled shell scripts communicating with OpenWRT through the shell, WL and Busybox.) You can find plenty of information on the OpenWRT website to begin customizing to your heart's content*.

* Please remember that although the free release is free, and it is open source, I have chosen to cover it with an "all rights reserved" copyright. Please respect the copyright and do not distribute any works based on these scripts without first obtaining authorization through email and by also including the full unmodified copyright notice and credits.


Full Version
When you buy at the new discounted price of just $12.50, you'll get full access to all the latest full version releases, as well as added features not available in the free version.


Credits & Thanks
I must credit the original inspiration for these scripts was from a script written by Joseph Batagglia - a lot has changed, been tweaked and more scripts added - but if you look closely at the code of the free version, much of his foundation still exists. Thanks Joe!

I would also like to thank everyone who has worked with and supported the development of OpenWRT and other open-source code running on the box. Without the operating system and many utilities to start with, I could never have written these scripts. Thanks!